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had a lot of dreams last night.. 1 i found an unlocked twitter profile that belonged to one of my favorite artists, 2 i was watching some episode of transformers where wreck-gar and rum-maj were a part of a junkion delegation and starscream was hosting the cybertronian equivalent of the united nations general assembly and wreck-gar was like fucking it up and i felt so bad for him 😭 3 my friend and i were getting hunted by wesker who was trying to inject us with like. death goo. goo that makes you die πŸ˜‚ we did not make it.

had a dream last night where i set my house on fire but it didnt even burn down and then in another dream i drew some mermaid versions of sting and cass.

had another dream last night where i was at some kind of summer camp/school thing. there was only one building where we'd get dropped off at near a beach and i hated going especially this day because we were going on a cherry picking field trip and i hate cherries. so like im playing hooky but then im like. nah it's a mandatory trip i should go. so my mom drops me off at the building and i go inside and no one is there except for this one guy i've never seen before with a gun. im like ok weird... so i go upstairs and see everyone is being held hostage by other gruff looking dudes with guns. everyone sees me and im like βœ‹._. βœ‹.slowly makes way back downstairs) but the dude downstairs is like "no you need to go up" and im like shit. so the leader of this gang is talking about how he's gonna kill everyone if we dont succeed at this game of his which didnt make any sense at all. like i could not comprehend what the objective was, but everyone else did and im like ??? people had to like, touch or smell each other and guess something true about them it was weird. i think im gonna lose when suddenly there's a bright flash outside the windows which we all knew was a nuclear explosion so everyone looks outside and i remember some guy saying "there's enough jets out there to have intercepted it why didnt they?" and then someone else mentions that "they are containing the scarlet witch" and at that point there's a wave a relief like "oh they're just filming a movie it's not a real nuke" but the ground starts rumbling like a shockwave is getting closer to us and we're like "maybe it was a real nuke" so everyone is now scrambling for shelter and i manifest a basement and hide in like. a box filled with pillows. and we ride the explosion out and then it's like everything is fine because i leave and my sibling comes and picks me up and we go home.

had a dream last night where i was at some fancy rich kid summer camp. rich like each camper had their own "cabin" which had plumbing, electricity, wifi, etc. there was a party going on for something, lots of good food and video games being played, but over time something felt off. someone passed me something edible and sandwiched inside was a bloody scrap of paper. i didnt eat it and eventually i left to go hang out alone in my cabin. the sun was setting and i could see the party from a distance because my cabin was on a hill and all the walls had windows on them. i was just dicking around with all the various switches that activated certain lights and window blinds and curtains and whatever when i saw the party get besieged by some sort of italian paramilitary organization. i turned off everything in my cabin and hid in the shower hoping no one noticed the cabin was occupied. meanwhile i could hear the commotion still and knew that the italians were here to kill everyone for some reason. one of them actually entered my cabin though and started searching through the place while the others waited outside for him to finish. i almost thought he was gonna leave w/o finding me but he pulled back the shower curtain i was hiding behind and we just stared at each other for a while. i also need to mention that i was naked this entire time since coming to my cabin and that was one of the reasons why i didnt straight up flee because running around naked in a forest wasnt a great sounding idea at the time since it'd take to long to put on my clothes before being noticed. so anyways one of his guys shouts something from outside the house and he responds and closes the curtain and leaves. i just sit in the shower for god knows how long before all the lights in my cabin turn on and and the shower curtain gets pulled back by who i recognize to be one of the camp counselor type people and he's holding a shotgun. he aims it at me and im like eep! but he just shoots like, the grout of the shower or whatever and he's crying and im crying and he has like a jacket or blanket that he gives me. i get out of the shower and there's some other survivors gathered in my cabin which has turned into a safehouse. the counselor is explaining something in italian but i obviously dont understand much cause 1 i dont speak italian and 2 im still crying and then i woke up.

had a dream last night where i lived in an addams family-esque mansion and super saiyan goku was a good family friend of ours along with sherlock holmes, etc. but anyways the mansion got raided by an elite team of esper terrorists and i was trying to survive and get help. spiderus you know from miss sunnypatch and friends was also there on team evil esper which was filled with characters that looked like they were designed by tim burton. it was hellish. i could not get help. there was a psychic witch who surrounded the property with eyes and could extend her psychic hands to grab you so i couldnt escape and find help. i felt bad cause goku was there and was like "you need to escape and get help" but i FAILED HIM 😭he threw me up into the ceiling vents and everything to try and get me out.

had another dream where bandog fucked me -_- i could literally feel his balls slapping against my ass

i had a dream last night where i had a dream that bandog creampied me and i thought i posted this fact on twitter, but i guess i didnt because that was a dream, so now im posting it

i had such a complicated series of dreams last night... i'll start off with the simple one first. my internet friends slept over my house, but i couldnt properly host them because my mom forced me to go to a fair (prior obligation i had no idea about, upsetting) somehow i made it back home quickly and made mac n cheese as per requested by one of my friends. also my mom was mad at me because "they [friends] should've been gone by now." rude. it was only like noontime. or 1pm. whatever. the next dream:
- cousin's house, somehow in the middle of the woods but also next to a major road to an airport

- hosting a marriage

- wedded couple consummated their marriage AT THE PARTY ON A TABLE WITH EVERYONE WATCHING. no one got horny. not even the people having sex were